Person We Are not Justified,No One Can

Person Who We are Not Justified By work of the law ,Never can, No one

But Through Faith In Christ Jesus!! 



I am What I am Bcoz of God Grace

I wasn’t livable and even can’t faced up …

But Now I can

Bcoz of his Grace

Grace of God makes me live what I am !!

Thank you God !! αΩ♥


I am What I am by Grace of God

Woman & Motherhood Worth is Unlimited Unstoppable!!


A Woman In Relationship 

A Woman Worth -she stand strong and believing that her strength from Natural beauty .

Sometimes Woman Strength very – fragile by Wrong person she believe that person loves her. She can’t say “No,stop..” she lock herself in trap “It is love”

But She can Stand with “I am Worthy” . That Her Worth is can be stand alone to “Lies” say “No!” “Stop”

She can Be Single, Even can Protect own her Child Alone, even struggle by circumstance – She can support herself  what she needs with child !! -Her power unlimited 

Motherhood is Unstoppable Power she always Wear & Carry on !!  



Hurricane Dorian Hit Bahamas Cat5 ….

Hurricane Dorian Hit Bahamas big time as record…I feel sorry for them as I am through same hurricane as resident of FL … If here anyone from Resident of Caribbean’s , Bahamas, FL, We all Pray together for …..

I sending my prayers for Bahamas … can’t imagine how you scared and fear also can’t calculate what you lost, I just feel hurt for you pain …and all i can do for you is praying…God comfort you and heal your pain and restore what you lost God will fill up more than what you lost and you will praise him …
“Dear God you are our almighty God!! making faster human’s power providing processing so let them can get through quick as possible and that provide products landing safety and rebuilt home fast so they can have home back and needy … I praying Jesus name Amen !!”

*Also Anyone who trust God and Christ Jesus!! even in any circumstance that is huge Big Storms? but God great and bigger than storms I encourage you and praying you will through any storms in your life.

What is ,”walk by spirit”

I oftenly facing to non-believer (non-christian) and caught my action 

and take moment to praying and look myself to changing old habitual unfiltered words, behaviors!!. 

Many people said “don’t worry about others..” “be yourself whatever you doing” Yes yes yes

I am who I am…


I am? Who am I? What am? —- Christian -Child of God- A Creation of God , I am the clay God is my Potter. And I read Bible so I should live walk by God’s will,words,commands, .. this world watching Christians and they picking any of small things even they not live that way even they living immorally,  but they want Christians different and they judging us crucifying —-but before world ,God want us live differently…….

How I appeared to others if as I said “I’m Christian,believe God”— 

Bible Book of Galatians5 said—

“…24.And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

25.If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit”.


and how will knowing what is living by spirit… here is 

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.


Live by Spirit -Spiritual Life isn’t difficult if we changing habits ,behaviors, words speak…