Autumn Clocking-Wrinkle

Especially today !!

The Maple Leaves

revolving around hwililig ~ hwililig ~~ dancing aimlessly & sorrow, tick-tock, flick -flop,

perhaps-it reason of my wrinkle clocking is even more running faster tick-tock, flick-flop,

and it  being more such a sensitively feels deep


anyone haven’t appear closer with me yet ,

haven’t true friend yet, can be talk all night never being tired of listening silly ,

so my Wrinkle clocking is running tick-tock, flick-flop more faster than anybody !!

Autumn Clocking


Autumn is here .

Fallen Leaves Rolling around

Singing a song for me!!



Time’s Precious

what you have to deal with Person

Do In Peace…

Detoxing safely your mind & Heart.

Treat Others as you wanted

-Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Spend Time Loving Ones With Worth Things. 




All She Needs

All She Needs


Taste  of color

Cooling down 

flying in the air