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You can save other’s life today simply…

Not always about “I, me, myself”
Sometimes you stop what you doing and be humble and look around, check around someone elses -you never giving attention….It not to takes long time to giving attention Simply!! you could say “how do you do” or hi” or hello” – It makes someone elses life hopeful
Drop off your fame but giving hopeful to others!!!




Abstract, Arts, Doodle, Illustration, Love, painting, Poets, Sacrifice


Always Thirst 
Not Enough
Always My Heart Toward To God.
Always My Heart Beating For Who I cares and Love. 
Always Thirst 
Not Enough
Always My Heart Bruise For Miss Someone I love.
Always My Heart Bruise For Cares and Love
Always My Heart Bruise From Get Neglected Ignored .
Always Thirst For Cares Love.