I considering - Quit 1.Quit Social Medias. 2.Quit Watching Violence Movies,TV  Dramas Shows, 3.Quit Listening Personal Bad Influence Toxic Stories. But  In Meditation . Thanks To God For Life When I woke up Morning !! 2. Prayer 3. Reading Bible. 4. Sing a Songs (Praising God His Name Yahweh - Jehovah) My Meditating is Happy... Continue Reading →

Human Races??

In This World, On Earth There is only Two Kind of Human : Male & Female. There is No Human Races. *I Hate Who Racists.And Tolerance of it. Also Hate Bullying. Stop Hatred- Bullying Stop Call By Skin Color .-Stop Racism. I expose and Stop You In The Name Of Jesus. *Genesis 1: 27 So... Continue Reading →

No One Walk In Someone’s Shoes

I wear your shoes all the time, and realized can’t even walk half miles, then so, need silent don't even speak any words !! ☠️☠️☠️☠️      

Life Goes On No Short !!

Life Goes On,No Short !!. Do Change. -Stop Excusing.-Stop Pretender Being Stuck Comfort Zone -Change From Old Habitual -Cast off The Works of Darkness   You Can Change - Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Confidence is Own Your Pace

My New Year Statement Still In Processing👍✨😉 Not New Year Stuffs Yet. My Plan, resolutions, programs not in activated yet . Everyday adding things and  another arrangements going on in my head so it's delay and waiting on board !! - soon to be activating and do "Action"-🎬🎬🎬😁 Follow Dream Keep Your Pace Who stop... Continue Reading →

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