I considering - Quit 1.Quit Social Medias. 2.Quit Watching Violence Movies,TV  Dramas Shows, 3.Quit Listening Personal Bad Influence Toxic Stories. But  In Meditation . Thanks To God For Life When I woke up Morning !! 2. Prayer 3. Reading Bible. 4. Sing a Songs (Praising God His Name Yahweh - Jehovah) My Meditating is Happy... Continue Reading →

Human Races??

In This World, On Earth There is only Two Kind of Human : Male & Female. There is No Human Races. *I Hate Who Racists.And Tolerance of it. Also Hate Bullying. Stop Hatred- Bullying Stop Call By Skin Color .-Stop Racism. I expose and Stop You In The Name Of Jesus. *Genesis 1: 27 So... Continue Reading →

No One Walk In Someone’s Shoes

I wear your shoes all the time, and realized can’t even walk half miles, then so, need silent don't even speak any words !! ☠️☠️☠️☠️      

Person We Are not Justified,No One Can

Person Who We are Not Justified By work of the law ,Never can, No one But Through Faith In Christ Jesus!!   


Eat Healthy Food ,Sleep Well, Having Fun ,Have Good Job & earn good money, Nice House, Taking Nice Vacations , Have Nice A Car, It's all American Dream & Well-being For All Mankind,  Yes I wish have all those and you too, but all mankind doesn't having all at all the time, .... I Keep... Continue Reading →

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