Hurricane Dorian Hit Bahamas Cat5 ….

Hurricane Dorian Hit Bahamas big time as record…I feel sorry for them as I am through same hurricane as resident of FL … If here anyone from Resident of Caribbean’s , Bahamas, FL, We all Pray together for …..

I sending my prayers for Bahamas … can’t imagine how you scared and fear also can’t calculate what you lost, I just feel hurt for you pain …and all i can do for you is praying…God comfort you and heal your pain and restore what you lost God will fill up more than what you lost and you will praise him …
“Dear God you are our almighty God!! making faster human’s power providing processing so let them can get through quick as possible and that provide products landing safety and rebuilt home fast so they can have home back and needy … I praying Jesus name Amen !!”

*Also Anyone who trust God and Christ Jesus!! even in any circumstance that is huge Big Storms? but God great and bigger than storms I encourage you and praying you will through any storms in your life.